Classic Manicure

Includes your hand bathed in an orange aromatic solution, nail shaping, cuticle detailing and conditioning, hand massage followed by your choice of color - $14

Honey Milk Sugar Glow Manicure

Along with the Classic manicure, your hands soaked in a bubble bowl treated after with an exfoliating scrub, leave your hands soft and silky, accompanied by a warm wrap - $17.

**Paraffin Spa Manicure

Nails Pro most popular treatment. Includes the Honey Milk Sugar Glow Manicure plus a luxurious warm paraffin wax. A treatment which softens and soothes arthritis joint and muscles pains. Leaves your skin velvety and radiant - $22.

Deluxe Spa Manicure

Superior hydration for dry skin. With the Honey Milk Sugar Glow treatment following a cooling mask topped off with a comforting hot towel wrap - $27.

Organic manicure

100% all nature organic products without chemicals. Pure ingredients for sensitivity. Our top of the line products ensure that your manicure is toxin free as well as environmental friendly! - $30.

Gel Manicure

Our Classic Manicure with new technology Gel Color. No drying time, no chips, no smudges no mess. Color is guranteed to last with high shine! - $30.

Prince and Princess Manicure

Includes all of the Classic Manicure - $10.


Basic Spa Pedicure

Balance your feet and relax. Lower legs down to the soles are soothed and stimulated. Includes aromatic soaking, shaping of the nails, cuticle detail, exfoliating scrub, massage with your choice of color. - $23.

Nails Pro Pedicure

Relieve tired achy legs and feet. Consists of the Basic pedicure, citrus salt glow scrub, callus remover followed by a hot wrap. - $30.

Deluxe Pedicure

Includes the Nails Pro Pedicure accompanied by a deep tension massage, a pepermint cooling mask and hot wrap. Choice of essence: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango and White Tea. - $35.

Paraffin Pedicure

With the Deluxe Pedicure pamper yourself with luxurious hot paraffin dip. Give your feet maximum moisture and softness. - $40.

****Jelly Pedicure

Our most popular pedicure like no other. Truely a unique and ultimate spa experience. Indulge in a pool of luxurious comforting fluff of gels that softens and rejuvinates your skin. - $45.

Hot Stone Pedicure

Our highest tension relieving therapy. Includes our Deluxe Pedicure, cooling mask, hot wrap along with a soothing warm stone massage. - $50.

Organic Pedicure

100% all nature organic products without chemicals. Pure ingredients for sensitivity. Our top of the line products ensure that your pedicure is toxin free as well as environmental friendly! - $60.

Prince and Princess pedicure

Includes all of the Basic Spa Pedicure. - $18.



From face to your body, let our staff get you ready to flaunt some skin. We ensure all instruments are steralized to regulatory health standards, new waxing sticks used for each customer and the highest grade of wax for long lasting results!

Brows ---------------------------------------------------- $8
Upper Lip ----------------------------------------------- $5
Chin ------------------------------------------------------- $7
Sideburns -------------------------------------------- $10
Back ---------------------------------------------------- $40
Chest --------------------------------------------------- $40
Stomach ---------------------------------------------- $25
Lower arm ------------------------------------------ $25
Full arm ---------------------------------------------- $50
Lower leg ------------------------------------------- $30
Full leg ---------------------------------------------- $50
Underarms ---------------------------------------- $15
Bikini ---------------------------------------------------- $35
Brazilian -------------------------------------------- $50

Artificial Nails:

                                                  Full Set          Fills
Acrylic Fullset/Overlay
Starting at ----------------------------- $24 ----------- $15
Gel Powder Fullset/Overlay
Starting at ----------------------------- $34 ----------- $24
Liquid Gel Fullset/Overlay
Starting at ----------------------------- $45 ----------- $30
Silk Wraps
Starting at ----------------------------- $45 ----------- $30
Pink & White Powder
Starting at ----------------------------- $50 ----- $25/$35
Gelish ---------------------------------- $28
Gelish Color ADDITIONAL ---- $20
Sculpture ADDITIONAL -------- $10

The powder that is clearer than acrylic ,strongest ,light weight and last longer . Over all ,it is a better version of the regular acrylic


Best quality power ! it is a permanent French Manicure.No polish needed .use by two tones of power to create the best look for French,without worries of polish chipping .Plus you never get bored of the pink & white .We have many difference color to choose from.


Introducing the new OPI ,Gelish ,Gel II .shellac gel soak off lacquer made especially for natural nails.Gel polish last from 10 to 21 days.

Eyelash Extension:

Weightless ,natural water resistant eyelash extensions. Lengthen and thickens without mascara .individually placed on your real lashes for a natural look.
With your choice of 3 lengths.

Full set - Starting at ----------------------------------- $28
Refill /touch ups - Starting at --------------------- $15

Extra Services:

Per Nail --------------------------------------------------- $2
All Nails ------------------------------------------------- $15
Both toes ------------------------------------------------- $5
Per JUNK nail ------------------------------------------- $7
Polish Change :
Nails ------------------------------------------------------- $7
French ---------------------------------------------------- $10
Toes ------------------------------------------------------ $12
French --------------------------------------------------- $15
Cut Down ------------------------------------------------- $3
Nail Repaires ------------------------------------------- $3
Hello Kitty Nail ------------------------------------------ $5