About Us


Nails Pro is the best nail salon in town. It is located in Beautiful City called "Towson City", MARYLAND. As one of the prominent and reputable salons in the city, quality work and customer satisfaction are the focus of our business.



Nails Pro adheres to the highest standard in sterilization. All the equipment are sterilized in hospital grade Autoclave units. We ensure each individual client with safety. Rigorous sterilization and sanitizing procedures are done after each client service and at the end of each day.


Why Us?



If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied, please let us know and we will be happy to put it right for you!.


We believe that customer satisfaction is king.


We respect all our customers and listen to everything you have to say and give you the quality you deserve.


We spend time discussing with you your needs, and not as a product on a conveyer belt.


We believe a happy customer is a repeat customer.


We pride our work and you can be assured that all work carried out by Nails Pro is of a high quality.